Rinspeed reveals the jack-of-all-trades Oasis concept

The Oasis is perfect for people that hate leaving their house.

Rinspeed Oasis Concept Front End Exterior
  • Image Credit: Rinspeed
  • Rinspeed Oasis Concept Front End Exterior
  • Rinspeed Oasis Concept Side Rear Exterior
Rinspeed will continue its tradition of bringing a concept to the Consumer Electronics Show with a new vehicle dubbed the Oasis. Just like Rinspeed's other recent creations, which include the Ʃtos, Budii, and XchangE, the Oasis has self-driving abilities and runs on electricity.

Offering small size and the super maneuverability from rear-wheel steering, the Oasis concept aims at city dwellers that want something for zipping around town. The exterior is characterized by a substantial amount of glass and an expansive solar panel on the roof, while the front wheels are completely covered. Rinspeed claims the vehicle's looks are reminiscent of R2-D2 from Star Wars, but we think the fictional robot looked a lot better.

The interior, though, is where the concept's design heats up, in more than one way. Passengers are treated to an interior inspired by a living room. The Oasis' name is meant to be taken literally, as a break from traditional automotive confines. Rinspeed fitted the concept with an armchair, a TV, and a small garden area. The large windshield doubles as an augmented- and virtual-reality screen. To ensure that passengers don't mistake the Oasis for a room in their actual homes or if they want to drive, Rinspeed put a multi-function steering wheel in the car for good measure.

In addition to showing Rinspeed's commitment to self-driving electric vehicles, the concept is also aimed at the multiple uses of car sharing with a heated and cooled cargo drawer on the inside. Stay with us. Rinspeed's idea is that drivers could use the Oasis to commute to work or home and hand the car off to a delivery driver that uses the heated and cooled cargo drawer to deliver food or packages.

As far as concept's go, even Rinspeed's founder, Frank Rinderknecht, believes the Oasis is a little "out there." Rinderknecht, though, is hoping the concept will help the fight against large, heavy SUVs that are currently on the road, which is something we can get behind.

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