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It's a story about transportation in the 21st Century.

Director Chris Paine tells us that he's going to start working on another sequel to 'Who Killed The Electric Car?' this summer.

If you missed out on seeing Revenge of the Electric Car in the theater or just want to watch Carlos Ghosn, Elon Musk and Bob Lutz push their respective companies to getting EVs out the door, mark your calendar for January 24th. That's when the DVD version of the movie hits, and it will offer repeat viewers a few fun extras once they've worn out the grooves on the main feature.

If you've paid any sort of regular attention to websites like AutoblogGreen over the past four years, the movie Revenge of the Electric Car will feel awfully familiar. Many of the events in the film were written about at the time on these pages, so it's fair to say that none of our long-term readers will need any spoiler warnings for this article. What director Chris Paine has done here is whittle down years of plug-in vehicle progress into a compelling story that succinctly shows why electric c


After premiering earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, Chris Paine's follow-up to the movement-defining movie Who Killed The Electric Car? opens up nationwide this weekend. Well, The Revenge Of The Electric Car is starting screenings in select markets, anyway, and there are more locations soon to come. To celebrate, a new animated opening for the film has hit the 'net (which you can watch after the jump).

Revenge of the Electric Car got its official premiere this past Earth Day at the 2011 Tribeca International Film Festival but most of the country has not had the opportunity to see the movie. This is about to change. The filmmaking team announced today that Revenge will be shown across the U.S. starting this fall. It won't be a totally traditional release – fans can still request the movie through the official website and the cities with the most requests will get screenings – and th

Revenge Of The Electric Car Trailer – Click above to watch video after the jump

It's not often that documentaries breed sequels, but if ever a nonfiction film deserved to have a part two, this is it. "Revenge of the Electric Car" is the sequel to director Chris Paine's 2006 documentary, "Who Killed the Electric Car." We interviewed Paine in Translogic Episode 3.4, but he didn't give us much in the way of specifics about the new film. Thanks to the new trailer, however, we've finally got a better idea of how it plays out. Scheduled for release in Spring 2011, the "Revenge o

Revenge of the Electric Car movie trailer – Click above to watch video after the jump

Revenge of the Electric Car movie trailer – Click above to watch video after the jump

Want to see the first moving images from "Revenge of the Electric Car"? You can mark your calendars for this occasion and the day to circle is ... who knows? Not even the film's producers could tell you when the trailer will be made public, because they've decided to leave that up to the fans.

It makes sense that filmmaker Chris Paine (of Who Killed The Electric Car? fame) would appear at the Driving Sustainability conference via online video. Paine appeared on a panel that discussed the benefits and challenges of transformative technologies. If any tech is transformative, electric vehicles (EVs) certainly are.

Early in 2006, director Chris Paine first screened his film Who Killed the Electric Car at the Sundance Film Festival and turned the media spotlight on General Motors and its decision to scrap the EV1 electric car. GM was, of course, well aware of the impending movie and at just around the same time, a small group of engineers and designers began work on a new concept car. The following January, Bob Lutz drove the Chevrolet Volt onto the stage at the Detroit Auto Show and a star was born.

Remember the documentary "Who killed the Electric Car?" Director Chris Paine created the film in 2005 and 2006 to bemoan the decision of some automakers to kill off their electric car programs. It's now five years later and Paine and company are back with a vengeance videotaping "Revenge of the Electric Car."

It's probably too late to make it into the upcoming Revenge of the Electric Car movie (due early next year), but the film's producers are still interested in hearing stories about about how an electric vehicle (EV) has had its revenge in your life.

Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," Jessie Deeter, the producer of Who Killed The Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car, and our own Chelsea Sexton took to the stage at the close of public night at the Plug-in 2010 Conference. With this line-up, it was more than 66 percent the same as last year, when Nye, Sexton and Electric Car director Chris Paine answered audience questions. Given the "preaching to the choir," audience-led nature of the event, we thought there would probably be a lot of read

Chris Paine on WISH TV – Click above to watch video after the jump

We imagine just about anyone whose heart is still beating would be excited about their Tesla Roadster arriving factory fresh and being mere hours away from pure driving bliss. Perhaps none more so than the filmmaker whose first electric auto, an EV1 that he drove and cherished for 5 years, needlessly met its end in a cruel car crushing catastrophe. Yes, Chris Paine, the man behind the "Who Killed the Electric Car" documentary, will officially be handed the keys to his 4-wheeled silver hotness at