After premiering earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, Chris Paine's follow-up to the movement-defining movie Who Killed The Electric Car? opens up nationwide this weekend. Well, The Revenge Of The Electric Car is starting screenings in select markets, anyway, and there are more locations soon to come. To celebrate, a new animated opening for the film has hit the 'net (which you can watch after the jump).

This alternate intro does two things: it sort of tells the EVolution of transportation story in two minutes and it sort of shows a direction Paine and his crew could have gone with the film, but didn't. Paine recently revealed to the 2011 AltCar Expo crowd that one potential theme for the film was Japanese monster movies, where the main characters would have been portrayed somewhat like Godzilla or Gamera. This didn't come to pass, but with the modern plug-in vehicle era still in its infancy, there's no telling what sorts of movies we may yet see.

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