It's probably too late to make it into the upcoming Revenge of the Electric Car movie (due early next year), but the film's producers are still interested in hearing stories about about how an electric vehicle (EV) has had its revenge in your life.
What does EV revenge look like? It's not a Sith-inspired bloody fight. Instead, it's a story about how you decided to take action on your gasoline addiction problem and either converted your car to battery power or joined an EV supporters group or something similar. The Revenge blog is currently highlighting two stories – a contractor at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX who converted a 1974 Aztec-7 and an 18-year-old high school student who made his 1991 Geo Metro into an EV. May we also recommend reading about Andrew Angellotti (pictured), who spent some of his teenage years changing a 1988 Mazda B2200 truck to run on battery power. Some of the personal stories the Revenge team gets will be put it up on the blog and, if you can't be in the film, this might be a good consolation prize.

[Source: Revenge of the Electric Car]

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