It's not often that documentaries breed sequels, but if ever a nonfiction film deserved to have a part two, this is it. "Revenge of the Electric Car" is the sequel to director Chris Paine's 2006 documentary, "Who Killed the Electric Car." We interviewed Paine in Translogic Episode 3.4, but he didn't give us much in the way of specifics about the new film. Thanks to the new trailer, however, we've finally got a better idea of how it plays out. Scheduled for release in Spring 2011, the "Revenge of the Electric Car" tells the story of four EV entrepreneurs: Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn, now-retired GM chief Bob Lutz, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and DIY-hero Greg "Gadget" Abbott of Left Coast Electric (who you might remember from Translogic Episode 4.4).

The trailer is quite a tease, and has us excited for the eventual release of the film.

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