If you liked Who Killed The Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car, then we have some good news for you. We recently got to catch up with our friend Chris Paine, who directed those two movies, and he said that there's a third installment in the works. He didn't share a title or many specifics, but at least we know that Paine's cinematic tale of plug-in cars is not yet done.

"It's about the world of mobility." – Chris Paine

"We're going to do one more electric car movie," he said. "We have kind of a working title. It's about the world of mobility, 21st century mobility. It will have electric car in the title. It's going to be about electric bikes and e-sharing and economist vehicles." Paine said the first shoot will be this summer.

Paine has been keeping tabs on the EV scene these past few years, of course (we talked to him at the Model 3 reveal event, for example). Paine has put down a deposit for one of the new EVs and said it could not have been easier to reserve one. "It's getting less expensive because on the Roadster I had to put in a hundred thousand [dollars], which is more money than I had spent on anything in my entire life and I really wasn't sure I was getting that back," he said. "I got ambushed into it by my producer at the time. We were making this movie and so we've got to put in our money: do we really believe in this electric car thing? Yeah, but do I believe a hundred thousand dollars? So, I was really happy when I got that car."

Paine hasn't been lazy since Revenge. He just finished Bikes Vs Cars, for example, a movie about who owns the roads. "It turns out that when you give bikes more of the road, there's more room for cars because less people are driving and bikes take a lot less room," he said. "So, the car companies and a lot of people are into it now and they understand it's not just about being green. It's about making traffic work."

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