It makes sense that filmmaker Chris Paine (of Who Killed The Electric Car? fame) would appear at the Driving Sustainability conference via online video. Paine appeared on a panel that discussed the benefits and challenges of transformative technologies. If any tech is transformative, electric vehicles (EVs) certainly are.

The general tone of the panel, and from Chris in particular, was that the challenges to EV introduction are surmountable but that electric cars are not the only answer. Chris shared a story about inviting a friend to his house recently, so proud to show off his electric car garage. His friend liked the cars, but then asked, "Where are your bikes?" Shot down in his own home.

When asked what he thinks the best strategy is for the next decade to advance the cause of sustainable mobility, Paine said he's going to stick with what he knows best: storytelling. You don't need a film crew to do this, since we tell stories in some way every time we talk about our personal mobility, whatever shape it takes. Other suggestions were to just get people into electric cars so they can experience them in person and reducing the cost of electric cars.

Most interestingly, Paine shared a short clip, in rough form, from his upcoming movie Revenge of the Electric Car. Unsurprisingly, the clip focused on the efforts that Iceland is making to promote electric cars, including an interview with President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson – hey, he was just here – and a drive in a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. From the short clip, it looks like this is going to be a fun movie (if, guaranteed, there won't be much that's news to regular AutoblogGreen readers). The film should be released in early 2011.

Our travel and lodging for this coverage were provided by the event organizers.

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