Early in 2006, director Chris Paine first screened his film Who Killed the Electric Car at the Sundance Film Festival and turned the media spotlight on General Motors and its decision to scrap the EV1 electric car. GM was, of course, well aware of the impending movie and at just around the same time, a small group of engineers and designers began work on a new concept car. The following January, Bob Lutz drove the Chevrolet Volt onto the stage at the Detroit Auto Show and a star was born.

Before long, the launch of the Tesla Roadster and the decision to produce the Volt convinced Paine to begin work on a sequel, Revenge of the Electric Car which is due out next year. This time, instead of a funeral, Paine got to film the birth of a car. He and his crew recently went to the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant to catch the build of the 100th pre-production Volt. By the time the film comes out, Chevrolet will have delivered several thousand Volts to customers and Nissan will have done the same with the Leaf.

[Source: Revenge of the Electric Car]

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