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Chrysler Pacifica owners report sudden power loss; FCA can’t figure out why

No injuries or crashes have been linked to the issue, which Chrysler says it's investigating.

No injuries or crashes have been linked to the issue, which Chrysler says it's investigating.

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Fame but no fortune for university that discovered VW diesel scandal

Things haven't changed much for the academics researching vehicle emissions.

The New York Times kills off Autos section

New Yorkers, newspaper readers, new car buyers and automotive enthusiasts around the world will be saddened as we are to learn today that The New York Times is shutting down its automotive section. The supplement came as part of the newspaper's Sunday edition for some 20 years, but will run no longer as the Times works to trim overhead and streamline operations in an effort to keep from going under completely.

UK appeals court dismissed Tesla's BBC Top Gear lawsuit

Tesla Motors' efforts to clear allegations of reduced range on its electric cars just took another hit. A British appeals court dismissed a libel lawsuit filed by Tesla against the BBC's Top Gear show. The court rejected Tesla's appeal of a court decision Jon LeSage

Musk says New York Times debacle may have cost Tesla $100 million

Despite the old chestnut that there's no such thing as bad publicity, there's always a cost incurred – sometimes it's hidden, and sometimes it's front and center. Enigmatic Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to think his company's now-infamous Model S range dustup with The New York Times is falling squarely into the latter category. Accor

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Forbes columnist says Tesla EVs are 'niche' vehicles, just like most cars

Did Forbes just publish an article defending a plug-in vehicle? Sure did, when one of the publication's columnists offered a counterpoint to that famous piece in The New York Times that criticized the Tesla Model S for less-than-advertised driving range.

Tesla's Elon Musk offers "final" thoughts on NYT spat, but Twitter flames continue

For a while there, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was having a kumbaya moment after the public editor The New York Times, Margaret Sullivan, wrote that her publication may have been overzealous in its criticism of the Tesla Model S and admitted that Times reporter John Broder was not entirely

New York Times admits Tesla Model S writer didn't use "good judgment" [Update]

And, lo, in the case of John Broder vs. Elon Musk, The New York Times is admitting defeat. A little bit. Sort of.

Tesla Model S road trip drivers find success along NYT's failed drive route [w/video]

"There is a learning curve to taking long road trips in an EV, especially in the cold."

CNN recreates infamous Tesla Model S drive with miles to spare, others to try this weekend [w/video]

You knew this was coming, didn't you? Even more prisms through which to look at the failed (or is that "failed"?) Tesla Model S drive up the East Coast that The New York Times reported on last weekend. We're going to assume you know what's been happening with this, but if not, then you can get caught up by reading this,

Tesla Model S Makes D.C. To Boston Trip With Miles To Spare: CNNMoney

Following a major dust-up between The New York Times and electric carmaker Tesla Motors, many are left wondering who to believe.

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Opinion: Tesla Versus New York Times Debate Misses The Point [VIDEO]

Regardless of outcome, anti-electric biases revealed

Tesla takes New York Times to task for damning Model S review

The social media tête-à-tête between The New York Times and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, stemming from a defamatory review by John Broder of the Model S and Tesla's new "Supercharger" network on the E

Elon Musk's attack on "fake" New York Times article prompts lots of Tesla talk

Despite an official promise that Tesla Motors would respond to the online kerfuffle kicked up yesterday between The New York Times reporter John Broder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the official Tesla website remained silent today. The wait doesn't mean the internet has been mute on this subject, though. That's just not how it works.

The Skinny On Flap Between Tesla's Elon Musk And The New York Times

Reporter endured rough ride; Musk calls review a "fake"

Shares of Tesla Motors took a ride Monday after a weekend article in the New York Times claimed that its electric sedan, the Model S, ran out of power during an East Coast road trip and had to be towed to a recharging station.

Lincoln offers free access to NYTimes.com to a select few

Lincoln wants to get the message out about its cars. To do that, the company has partnered with The New York Times to offer a select group of readers free access around the new paywall that goes up on March 28th for the NYTimes.com. The free, unlimited access is worth about $150, and 200,000 of the Times' most regular readers will be eligible for the offer.

NYT: The Making of Movie Cars

Car movies have been big business of late – Transformers, Death Race, The A-Team – which makes it unsurprising that the business of getting cars prepped for movies is becoming even bigger business. The upcoming Green Hornet will use 29 classic Imperials; the third film in The Fast & the Furious series needed 200 cars built and modified; and the fourth installment required 240 rebuilt rides.

How They Roll: NYT investigates the wheels of Mexican drug cartels

The Mexican drug trade business is booming. Drugs are flowing between Mexico and the U.S. on a daily basis, overwhelming the Mexican military and U.S. border patrol officers. Most of the drugs arrive stateside via cars and trucks, and the vehicles transporting contraband range from a Rolls Royce to a VW Rabbit. The New York Times spent some time in Sinaloa, Mexico with Mexican

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