Lincoln offers free access to to a select few

Lincoln wants to get the message out about its cars. To do that, the company has partnered with The New York Times to offer a select group of readers free access around the new paywall that goes up on March 28th for the The free, unlimited access is worth about $150, and 200,000 of the Times' most regular readers will be eligible for the offer.

Lincoln wants to tell people that it's more than just the fusty old Town Car, and Lincoln's Connie Fontaine, U.S. Manager of Marketing and Communications, thinks "the type of reader we'll be able to engage through this program is a thought leader." Lincoln is also adding its support to the Times' archives on technology and design. Free access to the Times' smartphone applications are also included in the program.

Why would The New York Times circumvent its newly-minted scheme to charge for content? Considering the total amount of readers, the 200,000 included in this offer is a small percentage. Of course, not all of those readers are going to convert into digital subscribers, but the highly-active readership both Lincoln and the Times have targeted are virtually guaranteed to subscribe because of the volume of content they consume. Lincoln thinks those people are exactly the audience it should be telling about the MKS, MKT, MKZ and MKX. Expert internet users are also more likely to be wowed by SYNC and MyLincoln Touch than old guys that get carted around in Town Cars, which is what you might think of when you think Lincoln.

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