Car movies have been big business of late – Transformers, Death Race, The A-Team – which makes it unsurprising that the business of getting cars prepped for movies is becoming even bigger business. The upcoming Green Hornet will use 29 classic Imperials; the third film in The Fast & the Furious series needed 200 cars built and modified; and the fourth installment required 240 rebuilt rides.

The New York Times has a look at the outfit that builds the cars that make us go, "Awesome!" Run by Dennis McCarthy in a shop in Sun Valley, California, his crew of 40 teamsters will grab tens of vehicles from eBay and Craigslist and then work 17-hour days to get them ready to jump, fly, flip, explode, and engage in general badassery. For Fast & Furious, they put that Regal GNX body on its frame backwards so it would look like a high-speed chase in reverse.

And yes, they're already at work on the fifth episode in the F&F franchise. Head on over to The New York Times for the rest of the story – it's one of the few chop shops we're glad to have around.

[Source: The New York Times]

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