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Ford will collaborate with Mobileye for future collision avoidance technology

Expect to see improved versions of Ford's Co-Pilot360 Technology packages

Ford said the collaboration with Mobileye will be to develop improved camera-based collision warning, detection of vehicles and pedestrians and lane-keeping features for its vehicles, including F-150 and Mustang Mach-E cars. The carmaker said Mobileye will provide its EyeQ sensing technology along with a vision-processing software to support Ford's Co-Pilot360 system as well as a hands-free driving feature that will be introduced next year.

Intel's Mobileye gets self-driving tech deal for 8 million cars

System developed in Jerusalem, where ‘driving culture is very assertive’

Mobileye, Intel Corp's Israel-based autonomous driving unit, has signed a contract to supply 8 million cars at a European automaker with its self-driving technologies, a company official told Reuters.