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2020 Range Rover Evoque debuts with brand's first 48-volt hybrid system

New powertrains, Velar styling for the new baby Rover

New powertrains, Velar styling for the new baby Rover.

Kia unveils refreshed 2019 Sportage small crossover

European customers get a choice of two diesel mild hybrid systems

European customers get a choice of two diesel mild hybrid systems.

Mercedes-Benz plans new EQ S electric sedan

The third entrant in the EQ electric stable could launch in 2020

Mercedes-Benz is working on a full-size battery-electric sedan called the EQ S as part of plans to unveil 10 new electric vehicles by 2022. Bloomberg reports the sedan will be about the size of its flagship S-Class and compete with the Tesla Model S for buyers of luxury electric vehicles.

First Drive
2019 Ram 1500 V8 First Drive Review | New pickup has more of everything

More capability. More comfort. More touchscreen.

There's a lot going on with the 2019 Ram 1500: inside, outside, out back, and under the hood. New engine options — two of which feature 48-volt eTorque assistance for extra grunt — and lots of attitude-heavy trims. But our first experience with the '19 Ram is focused on the totality of the truck experience — taking a step back, a deep breath of desert air, and soaking it all in. Ram is staking out a fascinating niche in an incredibly competitive segment. More than anything, thi

2019 Ram 1500 prices released: What pickup will cost, by trim

A few options and trims are cheaper

The trucks are headed to dealers now.

2019 Audi A7 revealed: More torque, refined styling

It picks up a lot from the A8.

It goes on sale in Germany next February.

In race to electrify, automakers rush to the quick fix: 48-volt mild hybrids

The technology "will make hybrids more affordable for the masses"

The technology "will make hybrids more affordable for the masses."

Volvo's electrification move is great, but it's not the end of internal combustion

Volvo is smart to keep up with the competition.

Diesel is still part of the plan, but this allows for a quick pivot.

Delphi's 48V system would improve your fuel efficiency by 10%

GM, Jeep among others that've tried out mild-hybrid powertrains.

Two unidentified OEMs sign up for Delphi's mild-hybrid system, which can cut emissions by acting like a start-stop powertrain.

Ford's new EcoBoost engines have stop-start standard

System Boosts Fuel Economy By As Much As Six Percent

1.5- and 2.0-liter motors both have fuel-saving system that shuts down engine when car is idle.

Audi says new 48 volt micro-hybrid system improves fuel economy, paves way for electrification

Most cars use a 12-volt system to power their electrical components. But, with more and more electric bits and bobs being added to new vehicles, a dozen volts is looking a bit weak these days. In fact, Audi says that standard 12-volt systems are being stretched "to their very limits." Enter 48 volts.

SsangYong arranges 7 seats into XLV diesel hybrid concept for Geneva

SsangYong has designed some vehicles that were not exactly 100 percent pleasing to the eye. Powered by a mild-hybrid drivetrain, does the company's new concept vehicle put a little more beauty in the eyes of green-car-enthusiast beholders?

Base 2014 Chevy Malibu to get same fuel economy as Eco model

In a move to spur sales of the Malibu, Chevrolet apparently is betting against its own Malibu Eco mild-hybrid by improving the base model's fuel efficiency in addition to updating the styling and interior,

NHTSA again questioning GM, this time over mild hybrid recall

Less than a week after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had questioned the adequacy of a General Motors recall from 2009 on the Pontiac G6, saying it might have needed to be much broader, it is putting the automaker

Mild hybrid Malibu Eco with eAssist not meeting GM's sales targets

General Motors is getting some bad news about its eAssist mild hybrid technology – it's not very popular. That's being made clear by soft sales for the highest-volume eAssist model, the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco.

Future Fuel Economy Mandates, Part IV: General Motors Engineering

There were lots of comments on my last two columns (speaking with Ford and Chrysler execs about CAFE regulations), and some were very savvy on EVs and hybrids. But most seem to have little knowledge of what really goes into designing, developing, validating and successfully marketing a desirable, reliable, long-term durable, incredibly complex, affordable and federally legal modern automobile – let alone maki

2012 Buick LaCrosse eAssist doesn't waste gas by running in place

In its latest 30-second advertisement pitching the 2012 LaCrosse eAssist, Buick makes an interesting point: since people don't constantly run in place, its near-luxury mid-size sedan doesn't either.

2013 gas-electric Subaru to feature mild hybrid setup, not Toyota's tech

There's no questioning that Toyota dominates the hybrid vehicle segment. So of course Subaru wants to ditch Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive technology in favor of its in-house-developed mild hybrid system for the automaker's Eric Loveday

Report: Audi to equip all Chinese-made vehicles with mild hybrid tech starting in 2012

According to Dominique Boesch, general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Company's Audi sales division, German automaker Audi will equip all of its Chinese-made vehicles with mild hybrid technology starting in 2012. If true, then Audi will become the only automaker to make stop-start technology standard on all of its vehicle manufactured in China.

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