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NBA sneakerhead P.J. Tucker has Rolls-Royce Jordan 3s that match his Cullinan

Clean luxury kicks for a clean luxury SUV

Clean luxury kicks for a clean luxury SUV.

The most absurdly expensive automotive-branded gifts and merchandise

Would you pay $13,000 for a jacket?

When it comes to branded automotive merchandise, there are some insanely overpriced products. These are some of the worst offenders.

There's a lot of odd, unauthorized Elon Musk gear out there

The web is full of Elon Musk-themed merchandise from T-shirts to fish tank clocks. It's no wonder why: Tesla pulls in millions from its own gear shop, which hawks everything from coffee mugs to hats to professional cycling kits.

Carbon Offset: Toyota sells F1 spare parts

Here's a little problem to solve: Although budgets are shrinking, it still costs million to run a Formula One team. On the other hand, the teams go through spare parts like a rib joint does napkins. Meanwhile, collectors and enthusiasts have proven willing to shell out big bucks for authentic memorabilia. Found the magic solution yet? Several F1 teams have, opting to sell off parts of last year's cars for big bucks. And the latest to join the fold is Toyota.

Porsche Design races into the summer with new Motorsport Collection

Porsche Design Motorsport Collection – Click above for a high-res image gallery

April Fools already? Lamborghini offers branded barf bag

Lamborghini apparently has a sense of humor; how else would you explain the exotic brand's website using an image of a small paper bag with a bull logo and the automobili Lamborghini script, described as a sick bag, as the entry to the merchandise section of its website? If the performance of its cars doesn't kick you in the gut, the prices will likely induce at least some swooning. A better use for this barf sack - which appears to just be an inside joke to the folks at Sant'Agata - wo

Moving Fast: Ferrari accelerates retail merchandise expansion with 40 new stores

Ferrari's new global branding division, under the direction of former Red Bull lieutenant Dany Bahar, is planning to open no less than 40 new stores around the world over the next five years. The latest location just opened at Barcelona's El Prat International airport in Spain, soon to be joined by locations in Abu Dhabi and Moscow in the next few months, followed by Singapore, Macao and Honolulu next year.

Lamborghini contemplates going retail

Ferruccio Lamborghini, as the story goes, approached Enzo Ferrari with ideas on how to improve his sportscars, but Enzo rebuffed him promptly. And so Lamborghini Autobomili SpA was born, hungry to beat Ferrari at its own game, and been trying to ever since.

Top Gear launches gear

If you're a regular reader of Autoblog, you'll know we're big fans of Top Gear. The BBC car show has a dedicated following in the UK who watch the show, read the magazine and even show up for filming at their set, plus even more viewers abroad watching the show syndicated or on BBC World with a weekly global audience estimated at over 350 million.