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    Absurdly Expensive Automotive Merchandise

    When car enthusiasts are really passionate about a brand, they look for all sorts of way to express it. Automakers are also happy to oblige their fans who wish to give them more money, so they offer a wide array of specially-branded products.

    The thing is, some of these companies take their branding too far. They start charging obscene amounts of money for average products because they carry the logo of the manufacturer. This is a collection of some of the most egregious examples.

    Not all automotive-related gifts are gross, of course. Some are great, and you can check out some of our favorites in our gift guide. Now onto the outrageous stuff.

  • Lamborghini Paper Clips: $17.00
    • Image Credit: Lamborghini

    Lamborghini Paper Clips: $17.00

    Listen, just because these products are ridiculously overpriced doesn't mean that they are necessarily unaffordable. Take this set of five Lamborghini paper clips. That's $3.40 a clip. For comparison, you can purchase 1,000 paper clips at for $11.92. Do they have angry bulls on them? No. Will you be able to hold way more paper together? Yes, and that's all a paperclip really needs to do.
  • Lexus notebook: $36.75
    • Image Credit: Lexus

    Lexus Notebook: $36.75

    Here’s the thing: No one should spend $36.75 on a spiral-bound notebook. Period.

    Let’s move on.

  • Ferrari ceramic ash tray: $75.00
    • Image Credit: ferrari

    Ferrari Ceramic Ashtray: $75.00

    Ferrari is one of the most egregious offenders when it comes to overpriced branded products. While the price tag on this ashtray does not leave it out of reach of the average person, it's hard to fathom spending three quarters of a Benjamin just so you can dump ashes on the symbol of your cherished brand.

  • Bentley Tergus 37 candle: $85.87
    • Image Credit: Bentley

    Bentley Tergus 37 Candle: $85.87

    At current exchange rates, this Bentley candle comes in at $85. For that lofty price, it offers a bizarrely complicated scent. Bentley puts it best:

    "Captures leather in layers of spice with iris wood, vibrant saffron, black pepper and frankincense with precious woods; resting in a base of tonka beans, vanilla, and patchouli."

    Is that what wealth smells like? Save yourself the cash and visit a Yankee Candle instead.

  • Audi desk pad: $245.95
    • Image Credit: Audi

    Audi Desk Pad: $245.95

    Now we're getting into the products that are just plain expensive. Here we have a desk pad from Audi. It is a nifty piece in the sense that it's made of the same leather used to upholster its cars. It's not so nifty in that it'll set you back a lease payment for the privilege of gathering dust underneath your keyboard.
  • Porsche Design Laser Flex pen: $550.00
    • Image Credit: Porsche Design

    Porsche Design Laser Flex Pen: $530.00

  • Porsche Design 911 GT3 Exhaust sound bar: $3,500.00
    • Image Credit: Porsche Design

    Porsche Design 911 GT3 Exhaust Sound Bar: $3,500.00

    This is actually a fairly unique product as it uses a genuine muffler from a Porsche 911 GT3. But you have to ask yourself, do you really want a $3,500 muffler proudly displayed in your home? That money could get you a seriously impressive sound system. Or it could get you a nice sound system and some usable car parts you could put on your actual Porsche. Up to you.
  • Audi Table Soccer: $16,756.00
    • Image Credit: Audi

    Audi Table Soccer: $16,756.00

    Foosball is fun, sure. Every garage mahal deserves one. But this Audi foosball table costs about what a serious garage mahal remodel would set you back. Or you could buy a used Audi with the cash, and an unbranded foosball table with what's left over. Or ... there's a lot you can do with $16,756. Just don't do this.

  • Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Bynomio Suitcase: $17,388.00
    • Image Credit: Lamborghini

    Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Bynomio Suitcase: $17,388.00

    This suitcase is one way you could store your clothing on a long trip. Or you could buy a new Honda Fit and pay someone to drive your clothes to your destination. And you'll get 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space instead of 5.8.

    You can thank us later.

  • Ettore Bugatti Lifestyle Wool and Cashmere Coat: $13,193
    • Image Credit: Bugatti

    Ettore Bugatti Lifestyle Wool and Cashmere Coat: $13,193

    Here it is, possibly the most ludicrously overpriced piece of automotive merchandise, straight from the self-styled Ettore Bugatti Lifestyle brand. No doubt if there's a Veyron in the garage, you could put a $13,193 jacket in the closet. In fact, you could probably afford the ostrich leather jacket the company used to offer for over $20,000. That being said, if you own a Veyron hopefully you'll be savvy enough not to.
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