April Fools already? Lamborghini offers branded barf bag

Lamborghini apparently has a sense of humor; how else would you explain the exotic brand's website using an image of a small paper bag with a bull logo and the automobili Lamborghini script, described as a sick bag, as the entry to the merchandise section of its website? If the performance of its cars doesn't kick you in the gut, the prices will likely induce at least some swooning. A better use for this barf sack - which appears to just be an inside joke to the folks at Sant'Agata - would perhaps be toting the finest of chocolates. Too bad that they're out of stock (probably forever), so even if you wanted to toss your cookies into what's undoubtedly one of the highest performance puke diddies available, it's not possible. The time honored tradition of hanging your head out the side window after a particularly hot lap in, say, the Reventon is always an option, though. We wonder if they offer napkins?
[Source: Lamborghini via Motor Trend]

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