Here's a little problem to solve: Although budgets are shrinking, it still costs million to run a Formula One team. On the other hand, the teams go through spare parts like a rib joint does napkins. Meanwhile, collectors and enthusiasts have proven willing to shell out big bucks for authentic memorabilia. Found the magic solution yet? Several F1 teams have, opting to sell off parts of last year's cars for big bucks. And the latest to join the fold is Toyota.

Now available for purchase from the Toyota F1 team's online merchandise shop is a wide variety of spare parts and bodywork at various price points, ranging from a 200-euro alloy wheel (around $280 USD), brake disc or suspension wishbone all the way up to a full engine cover bodywork assembly pictured above, complete with underfloor and rear wing aerodynamic elements, for 5,000 euros (nearly $7,100). If that seems pricey, consider that's just a fraction of what you'd have to shell out for parts from a race-winning Ferrari, for example. In sports memorabilia, pedigree is worth its weight in gold, but when you consider that Toyota is ahead of Ferrari in the standings this season, now may be the best time to get that F1 nose-cone up on your wall. Think of it as an investment.

[Source: Toyota F1 via Inside Line]

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