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Limo company operator in New York crash charged with negligent homicide

All 20 victims listed in the felony count

All 20 victims listed in the felony count.

Crash that killed 20 highlights limo regulation, enforcement, design

Stretch limousines can be a truly hazardous mode of travel

Stretch limousines can be a truly hazardous mode of travel.

Limo in deadly crash failed inspection; driver didn't have proper license, says Gov. Cuomo

Crash victim texted that limo was in 'terrible condition'

Crash victim texted that limo was in 'terrible condition.'

New York crash that killed 20 is a 'wake-up call' for limo safety

Limo passengers are not required to wear seatbelts

Limo passengers are not required to wear seatbelts.

Putin takes inaugural ride in Russian-made limousine

'It's cooler than Trump's'

President Vladimir Putin traveled to his inauguration on Monday for a new six-year term in a Russian-made limousine, ditching his old stretch Mercedes to send a patriotic message of self-sufficiency amid increased tensions with the West.

China's LVCHI Auto unveils Venere electric limo

It reportedly goes 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds with a top speed of 177 mph

It reportedly goes 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds with a top speed of 177 mph

Hitler’s 1939 Mercedes 770K limo spotted in tony Seattle suburb

Why it was there is a mystery — the buyer is ‘far, far away’

Just what it was doing there is a mystery — the buyer is "far, far away."

No buyers for Tesla Model S stretch limo

It begs the question: What will become of the 90-percent completed project?

We can't say we're surprised.

Now’s your chance to pick up an almost-finished Tesla Model S stretch limo

It's 90 percent completed, but we have questions.

Bidding has so far fallen well short of conversion costs.

Spy Shots
Spy photos show Trump's new Cadillac-badged rolling fortress

It may look like a car, but The Beast is as big as a Chevrolet Suburban.

The limo is being developed at a secret proving ground.

President Trump might get to start his administration in a new Cadillac limo [UPDATE]

This ain't your daddy's Caddy.

A new version of The Beast is on the way, and it might make it in time for inauguration day.

Train hits Chrysler limo stranded on tracks

A train collided with a limo that became stuck on a set of tracks in Elkhart, IN. Fortunately, nobody was injured, but the scene was captured on video.

Supposed former ZIL limo of Gorbachev and Yeltsin on sale for $1.6M

A 1989 ZIL-41052 armored limo from Russia that claims previous passengers including former leaders Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin is currently for sale online for $1.6 million.

Porsche working on turbo V12 for Putin limo project?

Porsche is best known for building very well-regarded sports cars and better-selling utility vehicles. Come to the company with a big enough bag of cash, though, and the Porsche Engineering division can create just about anything. The group's past projects include working with Harley-Davidson, Mercedes-Benz and corporate cousin Audi, but if rumors prove true, then its latest partner might be the last one you'd expect.

Vladimir Putin's all-Russian limo revealed

It seems like you can't turn on the news this year without seeing the icy stare of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Whether he's opening the Olympics, sending troops to the Ukrainian border or just riding a horse while shirtless, he's seemingly everywhere. But behind the scenes, Putin has a big engineering project under development to create a new Russian-built and engineered official limousine for him and other top officials.

What will the next Presidential limo look like?

With recent news that the Secret Service has begun soliciting proposals for a new armored limousine, we've been wondering what the next presidential limo might look like. The current machine, nicknamed "The Beast," has a design based on a car that's no longer sold: the Cadillac DTS. If General Motors gets the job again, which wouldn't be a surprise considering the government still owns a chunk of the company, the next limo's shape would likely resemble the new XTS (below, left). But Cadillac has

Cadillac to vie for Secret Service armored car contract, new Beast?

President Obama has used the same armored limo since his inauguration in 2008. Known by many as The Beast, the Presidential Limo was provided by Cadillac and earned its nickname in large part because of its massive size, which isn't surprising considering that its Caddy-shaped bodywork is said to sit atop a heavy-duty truck chassis.

Ten Elderly Women Escape Limo Fire

Just one month after a limo fire killed 5 people.

Another frightening limousine fire in California, only this time the car was full of elderly women. Elain Lofchie was celebrating her 90th birthday with six friends and three caregivers when the 2008 Lincoln Town car stretch limo they were sitting in caught fire.

President Obama's limo breaks down in Israel

Reports are coming in from Israel that President Obama's limousine, often called "The Beast," has broken down. You might be wondering how the most protected vehicle in the world could break down on an overseas visit, and the answer would surprise you. There's a bit of discrepancy over what exactly happened (and the Secret Service is living up to its name with the details, but apparently somebody filled The Beast with diesel fuel instead of gasoline gasoline instead of diesel, according to The Ti

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