Train hits Chrysler limo stranded on tracks

This video of a train barreling into a limo in Indiana is what makes the internet so amazing and so ridiculous at the same time. A white Chrysler 300 stretch limo became stranded on the tracks over the weekend while carrying a group of teens celebrating a birthday in Elkhart, IN. Everyone was able to get out of the limo before the train collided, WNDU reports, and one of the passengers apparently whipped out their cell phone to capture the scene on video.

Some bystanders tried to signal to the locomotive before impact, but it was too late. The limo was dragged hundreds of feet down the track. Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash, though the car was pretty clearly totaled and the tracks and train sustained plenty of damage.

Limos aren't the only vehicles in danger of getting stuck on train tracks. Earlier this year a pickup truck somehow became stranded, or was possibly left, on a commuter rail line in California. Five people were injured and the train derailed in that crash. The small Louisiana town of Mer Rouge seems to attract train collisions, with three or four crashes happening in the last few years. Most recently, a semi became stuck on the tracks in Mer Rouge, causing the train to derail and injuring the conductor and engineer of the train.

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