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Tesla has always been a closely watched brand, for a variety of reasons, so it's no surprise that we're starting to see all manner of conversions of Tesla electric vehicles. From that striking shooting brake we brought you last week and a convertible version a few years back to that bizarre hearse from Dutch customizer RemetzCar, the Model S is ripe for customization.

Now, the six-passenger 2015 Model S limousine we wrote about last year from Orange County outfit Big Limos has hit the eBay auction block. Only there appear to be a few twists: The conversion isn't finished, the bids so far appear to be falling far short of the previously reported costs to convert it, and, well, look at those B-pillars! Do they inspire confidence? Also, why did they leave the trunk and hatch popped in the photos? It all adds to a certain ... uneasy feeling about the project. Autoblog attempted to contact Big Limos' CEO, Mike Walstrom, and will update this if we hear back.

The vehicle is said to be 90 percent completed, built for an "advertisement project," with only 150 miles on the odometer. "This vehicle has tons of potential to become whatever the new owner has in mind," Big Limos wrote in its listing. The company adds that it "could finish the vehicle for an additional fee."

The limo has apparently been mostly finished for some time. In a Facebook post dated March 9, Big Limos said "We are looking for partners who want to enter the aftermarket world of custom Tesla Limousines, Taxi, 6 door conversions, hearse, CEO Mobile Office, convertible tops and custom parts manufacturing." It said it's been working for two years on the project "without any support from Tesla."

Walstrom has said it was a challenge to get the electric technology right in the conversion, especially without support from Tesla. The company had also estimated the cost of the conversion as high as $200,000. That suggests the current eBay bids, which topped out at just over $30,000 as of this writing, are falling far short of the mark. Especially for a car that starts at $68,000.

We'll have to wait and see what fate awaits this audacious conversion. Bidding ends Dec. 25.

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