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Concours d'LeMons live stream focuses on the best of the worst

The perfect break from seeing-million dollar cars all week.

What would the EPA proposal really mean for crapcan racing?

Explained by the Chief Justice of the 24 Hours of LeMons Supreme Court

Depending on how the wording of the controversial EPA proposal is interpreted, it's either no big deal or the end of civilization.

Porsche 911 with VW turbodiesel prepares for LeMons assault

LeMons racing is a wonderful example that setting limits can actually breed creativity. The series mandates that all entries must cost $500, not counting safety equipment, and that cap forces teams to be ingenious in how they build a racecar. Take for example this diesel-powered Porsche 911, which its creators have dubbed Ferkel the Nein-11, that will be racing in the Sears Pointless race this weekend in Sonoma, California.

Crazy crash at LeMons race caught on camera

This video from the 2013 Halloween Hooptiefest 24 Hours of LeMons race is the kind of scary stuff that keeps us reviewing cars instead of racing them. This driver is puttering about, carrying good speed and, from the brief recording we can see, driving quite well. That is, until another driver, who seemingly comes out of nowhere, attempts to put his front tire where the passenger seat should be.

Upside-down Camaro debuts in LeMons race

The man who, on the internet, goes by the name Speedycop has unleashed his latest crazy contraption on the racing masses at LeMons: an upside-down Camaro. Speedycop, self-described as "an eight-year-old kid trapped in a 40-year-old body, with just enough talent to pull off my wacky ideas," fashioned this beast out of the sordid carcasses of two vehicles, "a wretched 1990 Ford Festiva and a horrible 1999 Chevy Camaro."

Spirit of LeMons car-plane and the policeman who built it

The Internet hasn't made the world any more zany, but it has made it easier for us to share our communal zaniness. That's how it's come about that a newspaper in England has led us to a man in South Carolina who turned a Cessna into a car. The 27-foot Spirit of LeMons is a 1956 Cessna 310 body laid over a Toyota minivan chassis, originally built to compete in the 24 Hours of LeMons race in South Carolina. When the racing was done, its builder, Jeff Bloch – a.k.a. Speedycop – and The

Watch James Glickenhaus pace LeMons race in his Ferrari P4/5

One of the truly great things about a LeMons race is that the event is a celebration of all cars. We appreciate the fact that Lamborghini and Ferrari models get all sorts of fanfare throughout the year, but where else will you see a lowly Ford Fairmont cheered around a road track? Nowhere else, we tell you. The races are also an excuse for the lowliest of hardware to rub shoulders with high end metal. Take a recent event at Monticello Motor Club, for example. James Glickenhaus stopped in with hi

The List
The List goes racing on Speed tonight at 10PM EST/PST... honest!

Remember last Tuesday when we told you that a new episode of The List was going to air on Speed that night? Yeah, well... sorry about that. Scheduling snafu. But Autoblog's series is back on network television tonight after a week off for special programming.

This is why LeMons is the best race series

This weekend, Audi marked the competition debut of its latest R18 race cars at the second round of the World Endurance Championship at Spa-Francorchamps. Yet the most spectacular race car running on any track this weekend was thousands of miles away at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the 24 Hours of Lemons "Loudon Annoying" event taking place at the very same time.

24 Hours of LeMons now welcomes driverless entries

In an effort to stay on the bleeding edge of old crap-bucket technology, the 24 Hours of LeMons has now created a prize specifically for autonomous vehicles. The X Ceedingly Bad Idea Prize will award one million shiny new nickels to the first team that manages to pilot an autonomous vehicle to a win. We assume that carries a caveat of not killing anyone in the process. As always, the vehicle itself can't cost more than $500, though the associated technological wizardry required to keep the drive

Tell your best Yugo story, win a signed copy of the Yugo book

Q: What's included in every Yugo's owners manual? A: A bus schedule - click above for high-res image gallery

Win 24 Hours of LeMons, go to 24 Hours of Le Mans

24 Hours of LeMons at Thunderhill - click above for high-res image gallery

Video: 24 Hours of LeMons Ford Escort ZX2 flips out

Rubbing is Racing - click above to watch the video

24 Hours of LeMons greats to get immortalized on Wall of Blame [w/poll]

Are the Tunachuckers Wall of Blame material? - Click above for high-res image gallery

VIDEO: Crap Motorsports FTW! - Car Launching

Car Launching - Click above to watch the video

24 Hours of LeMons announces 2009 Season Champions

Another day in LeMons paradise - click above to view hi-res image gallery

24 Hours of LeMons announces 23-race 2010 schedule

Snoopy Red Baron van at the Lamest Day - click above image for hi-res gallery

VIDEO: 24 Hours of LeMons: Toyota MR2 dicing with a Buick LeSabre at The Lamest Day

Toyota MR2 chasing down a Buick LeSabre at Nelson Ledges - click above image to watch the video

24 Hours of LeMons: Pre-Buttonwillow So-Cal Junkyard Scabenger Hunt

Inaugural 24 Hours of LeMons LA Scanbenger Hunt - click above for high-res gallery

24 Hours of LeMons Essay Contest: Win a 1958 Wartburg 311 [w/VIDEO]

1958 Wartburg 311 and friend - Click above to watch the video

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