24 Hours of Le Mons adding $800 VW Microbus for rule enforcement

You may remember our post on the 24 Hours of LeMons last October, but if not we'll refresh your memory. The 24 Hours of LeMons (pronounced like "lemons" if you didn't get the joke yet) is an endurance race of cars purchased and prepped for $500 bucks or less. The entire event is perhaps the greatest automotive parody we've ever encountered, with the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans being the subject of its satire.
While past races included a People's Choice award for drivers voted the biggest jerks on the track (last year's recipient was Car and Driver, whose prize was the unceremonious destruction of their $500 Oldsmobile Aurora), organizers of the event have invested in a new piece of equipment to help enforce the rules of the road course. According to Automotiveblogger.net, a 1973 Volkswagen Microbus has been purchased for $800 and is intended to "make life miserable on the track for drivers who aren't obeying the track rules."

While the author of the blog post appears to be in with the organizers of LeMons in some way, he didn't want to spoil the surprise and reveal exactly how they would wield the Microbus as a weapon against rule breakers. The $800 Microbus apparently tops at around 30 mph, however, so we don't imagine it will be chasing down violators in the turns. Perhaps a penalty box? We'll have to wait until at least the "Championship Race" in early July to find out what the organizers of LeMons have planned.

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