Snoopy Red Baron van at the Lamest Day - click above image for hi-res gallery

Full disclosure: I work for the 24 Hours of LeMons. Once a month (though twice as often next year) I don a black robe, white wig and a rubber mallet spray-painted brown to look like a gavel. It's all part of the traveling big top nonsense that is $500 car racing. I mention this because I have a huge small financial interest in seeing LeMons succeed. And man oh man is it ever succeeding. For instance, what's the fastest growing motorsport in the world? If you answered anything other than LeMons, you're wrong!

In case you live in a barn, LeMons ran one race in 2006, four races in 2007, six races in 2008, will complete ten races in 2009 and has scheduled a bewildering 23 races all over this fine land of ours for 2010. Meaning that if 2010 goes off as planned (what could go wrong?) more LeMons races will be run next year than in the four previous years combined. Dang. Founder and Chief Perp Jay Lamm was too busy racing his Alf$a Romeo to comment, so instead we grabbed a quote from whomever Jay's right hand man and second in command, some guy Nick Pon:
Since most of us didn't have a life already, filling up every waking moment of 2010 with LeMons races wasn't a huge sacrifice [crying]
I hear that, Nick! Interestingly (to some), LeMons will be expanding into some new markets next year, including Phoenix, Dallas, Washington DC, Denver, Omaha, Chicago and Miami. So if the idea of pointlessly running around in circles while sweating yourself to death for the better part of a weekend for the one out of 150 chance to win four hundred pounds of nickels appeals to your inner masochist, come on out and race. Lord knows my depleted 401k could use your money we'd love to have you!

  • Charles Schultz is rolling over in his grave
  • 1962 Caddy just hours before it crashed into the bridge.
  • That's a Lada, a Canadian Lada
  • Would DeadBull have been better than DedBull? Really? You think so?
  • The sun's coming up, freeway, cars and trucks. Circa 6:00 am
  • Wheel to rusty wheel racing at its finest
  • First ever Nissan to win a LeMons race around sun up
  • Why you want to lower your center of gravity
  • Note that the radiator is BEHIND the engine
  • Party!
  • The Sheriff of Partyville. Er, Shantytown
  • We just love sneaking subversive images of Soviet cars onto AOL's servers. Ha ha ha! Er, Wartburg on the left, Lada on the right.
  • BMW 750il has the best engine!
  • It's kinda like the Kitchen Debate
  • Possibly the world's best wife. Yes, they got married at LeMons
  • Mommy?

[Source: 24 Hours of LeMons | Photos by Nick Pon]

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