VIDEO: 24 Hours of LeMons: Toyota MR2 dicing with a Buick LeSabre at The Lamest Day

Toyota MR2 chasing down a Buick LeSabre at Nelson Ledges - click above image to watch the video

You might have heard of this 24 Hours of LeMons traveling sideshow by now. You know, a bunch of $500 cars dropping mufflers all over the place as they pointlessly race around a track. Cruel weirdos dressed up like judges forcing confused, sweaty drivers to write, "Even though I wrote I will not go four wheels off one hundred times on my car, I still went four wheels off." Or Worse. Oh, and if you win the race you get $1,500 in nickels.

Despite all that, the one thing you might not know about the 24 Hours of LeMons is that it's real racing. Some of it pretty good, too. The cars might look a little off, and the drivers might not know a racing line from a fishing line, but what takes place on track is about as real as wheel to wheel racing gets. Proof? Make the jump and watch the video of a Toyota MR2 straight up battling with a Buick LeSabre for over seven minutes on the famous Nelson Ledges race track during last weekend's The Lamest Day. Good stuff, if you're into that whole cheapo car racing thing. Tip of the budget Pyrotect to Dave for the vid!

[Source: YouTube]

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