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Knight of the Auction: Screen-used hero car K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider up for bid

Hero car K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider is for sale – Click above for high-res image gallery

New KITT up for auction along with Iron Man Cobra and The Hangover Benz

Here's our chance. If we all come together, pool our resources and work for the common good, we can buy two of the Ford Mustangs used in the filming of the thankfully-deceased Knight Rider remake. Why would we want to lay our hands on the distastefully-modified NBC creations? To kill them with fire. Think of it: a world in which the only bad Knight Rider was the original Knight Rider; a world where children are safe f

Legendary customizer George Barris kustomizes krazy Chevrolet Camaro

George Barris and the 2010 Chevrolet "Spirit" Camaro – Click above for high-res image gallery

Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 10

Okay. The "reboot" begins tonight, with "Don't Stop the Knight"

Knight Rider: The Liveblog -- Season 1, Episode 7

Busy week in the world of Knight Rider. Fresh off the news that last week's episode got beaten in the ratings by a telenovela on cable and that the show's getting reinvented in a bid to make it actually watchable, we're back for another round of this televised KITT-lamity.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog -- Season 1, Episode 3

Yeah, I know I'm late. Sue me. Against my better judgement (and yours, based on last week's poll), I'm here semi-liveblogging tonight's episode with the assistance of my Tivo.

NBC releases first episode of Knight Rider online

Click above to watch first episode of Knight Rider after the jump

VIDEO: KITT morphing into F-150 FX4

Click above to view video after the jump

Knight Rider News: KITT can transform into a pickup!

We were encouraged by the last bit of news on the upcoming return of Knight Rider as a series this fall from an interview with the show's producer Gary Scott Thompson. In it Thompson revealed that Turbo Boost would be back and KITT's Attack Mode de-winged. Unfortunately, the news is not so good out of San Diego today where the c

Knight Rider TV movie KITT gets 167 MPG

The new solar-powered, hybrid K.I.T.T. or Knight Industries Three Thousand, in the new Knight Rider TV movie, which aired last night , gets 167 MPG ... if it were real. Since KITT is self-aware, he describes his powerplant this way: "My system is largely solar-powered. It recycles ninety-one percent of its expended energy, allowing a ratio of 167 miles traveled for every gallon of fuel burned." Mike Traceur, the son of Michael Knight and KITT's driver (partner?) thought his ride would run on hyd

New KITT's "Solar Powered Hybrid Engine" TV ad

Recently, I told you the new KITT, in the upcoming Knight Rider TV movie, would have a solar powered hybrid engine. NBC is showing a TV commercial highlighting this green feature. You can watch video of the TV commercial below the fold. The ad also mentions that the new KITT has 550 horsepower and race-tuned suspension standard.

Knight Rider movie producer: the new KITT is a solar powered, "hybrid"

Turns out I was wrong when I said the new KITT from the Knight Rider movie coming February was not a hybrid. According to the show's executive producer, David Bartis, the new KITT is very efficient and a hybrid in "some ways." KITT will also have solar panels and other green technologies. Here is exactly what David said

VIDEO: KITT obviates valet parking

Something tells me the commercials for the new Knight Rider are going to be better than the show they're pimping, but we can hold out hope, however slim it may be. This week's new TV spot features lead character Mercury Mike Tracer as he drops off KITT in front of a valet parking stand, rendering an eager parking attendant speechless. No GT500KR joyride for you, dude. Watch it after the jump.

VIDEO: First Knight Rider teaser trailer airs

click above image to view teaser trailer

KITT vs. KITT: Which is better?

Later on today when we publish the latest episode of the Autoblog Podcast, you'll get to hear my voice quiver as I recall the original KITT in all its F-body glory. The one thing that irked me about KITT v1.0 was near the end of the series' run when he was destroyed and rebuilt with new features. Suddenly, KITT could go Mach 5 on the ground thanks to a new Pursuit Mode that was accompanied by every manner of wing, canard and automatically-extending aerodynamic supplement in the universe. The ori

SPOILER ALERT! More pics of Knight Rider's GT500KR KITT

click on either image for more new pics of KITT

2007 AB Gift Guide: Unofficial Guide to the Knight Rider Universe

Do you know what KITT stands for? Or what KITT"s top speed was? Do you know the name of Michael Knight's boss? Did you know George Barris built the convertible and super-pursuit versions of KITT? Do you know the license plate KITT wears? No? Dude, you are so not ready for the new Chris Tutor

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