Here's our chance. If we all come together, pool our resources and work for the common good, we can buy two of the Ford Mustangs used in the filming of the thankfully-deceased Knight Rider remake. Why would we want to lay our hands on the distastefully-modified NBC creations? To kill them with fire. Think of it: a world in which the only bad Knight Rider was the original Knight Rider; a world where children are safe from thinking that KITT was anything other than the world's most awesome self-aware Trans Am. We can do this.

The KR cars have cropped up with a handful of other, more famous TV and movie cars headed for a Mecum auction. Alongside the Knight Industries travesties, the well-moneyed out there can bid on the likes of the two unused Cobra body shells from the first Iron Man and a certain tiger-ferrying 1965 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Convertible from The Hangover. A few other lust-worthy models are also set to stand before the gavel, including the My Name is Earl El Camino and a 2001 Buell police bike used in Terminator: Rise of the Machines.

Of course, all of those pale in comparison to our chance to right history's wrong. We can't do anything for Nunez's damaged sanity at this point, but we can keep someone else from preserving these disasters for posterity. We need to hurry, though. The auction kicks off May 19 at the Indiana Fair Grounds.

[Source: Mecum via Concours Blog]

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