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We've found yet more high-res pics of the Shelby GT500KR that will play KITT in the TV revival of Knight Rider. This new batch finally gives us enough angles of both the KITT Hero and KITT Attack cars, including KITT's interior, to make a judgment on how successful the transformation is.

One thing we always liked about the original KITT was how simple it was: just a jet black exterior with black wheels. The GT500KR KITT Hero car conforms to this ethos, with an exterior that doesn't distinguish itself very much from a standards GT500KR save for the black paint accented by matte black racing stripes and the swooping red light bars in the hood nostrels. But why the chrome wheels? The blingy rims contrast too much with the stealth exterior treatment. What if KITT were trying to penetrate a nuclear waste facility and a search light bounced off his 20-inchers? They're not very practical for corporation-based vigilante crime fighting, if you ask us.

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The interior of the Shelby GT500KR has been heavily modified by Knight Industries, but it still seats four in a pinch. There's clearly a Heads Up Display to project vital info on the windshield, and a keyboard swings out from beneath the glove box for searching Google on the go. We're so happy to see the open-top steering wheel, though it's not quite as open as the original since the bottom remains.

Then there's the KITT Attack version of the GT500KR (shown above). The new side profile sketch shows just how far the designers went in turning KITT into an actual weapon, though we imagine the only way this prop could actually hurt you is with the sharp edge of one its many spoilers. We counted 30 of them with a margin of error +/-25, but the visual effect is that when KITT transforms into Attack mode, his warranty is instantly voided from being affixed with the entire contents of a J.C. Whitney catalogue. The KITT Attack car's only saving grace is that its wheels are, in fact, black to match the rest of the car.

[Source: Ford]

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