VIDEO: First Knight Rider teaser trailer airs

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Had you been watching Sunday Night Football yesterday, you would've seen the Redskins pound on the Vikings. Exciting stuff. If you blinked, got up to microwave some nacho cheese sauce or changed stations to watch the Amazing Race 12, then you may have missed the first official Knight Rider trailer to hit the airwaves.

The short spot will probably be the first of many that primes our nostalgic hearts for the return of Knight Rider as a network series, kicked off by a two-hour movie on February 17th. The trailer shows KITT covered on a stage, motionless until his light bar begins glowing red and doing sweeps. Note that because the Shelby GT500KR actually has a pair of nostrils, there are really two light bars this time. Then, we hear the slightly synthesized voice of Will Arnett say, "Hello Mike." Getting a little casual now, aren't we KITT? Your predecessor referred to his master as Michael. Kids these days.

Check out the trailer for yourself after the jump, which was graciously snagged from the broadcast by the folks at Knight Rider Online.

Thanks for the tip, Argot!

[Source: Knight Rider Online]

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