Knight Rider movie producer: the new KITT is a solar powered, "hybrid"

Turns out I was wrong when I said the new KITT from the Knight Rider movie coming February was not a hybrid. According to the show's executive producer, David Bartis, the new KITT is very efficient and a hybrid in "some ways." KITT will also have solar panels and other green technologies. Here is exactly what David said:

CS: Was there any attempt to make this a "green" car? Is the new KITT a hybrid?

Bartis: The new KITT is incredibly efficient. Yes, it is a hybrid in some new ways. You'll see it incorporate solar energy and technology that we could create because it is a TV show. There are some cool new technologies we have applied; it is a highly efficient vehicle.

Stay tuned for full review when Knight Rider airs February 17th.

[Source: Coming Soon]

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