Knight Rider TV movie KITT gets 167 MPG

The new solar-powered, hybrid K.I.T.T. or Knight Industries Three Thousand, in the new Knight Rider TV movie, which aired last night , gets 167 MPG ... if it were real. Since KITT is self-aware, he describes his powerplant this way: "My system is largely solar-powered. It recycles ninety-one percent of its expended energy, allowing a ratio of 167 miles traveled for every gallon of fuel burned." Mike Traceur, the son of Michael Knight and KITT's driver (partner?) thought his ride would run on hydrogen, plutonium or something really cool he has never heard of. Not so.

"What if you are in Nebraska and your hydrogen fuel system breaks down? Complicated isn't always better," explains Sarah Graiman, daughter of the scientist that created KITT. "Why you gotta hate on Nebraska?" quips Mike. Over all, the movie had cut-out characters, a too-predictable plot and seemed entirely based around sex, cars and violence. It was great! I can't wait for the series.

[Source: NBC]

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