VIDEO: KITT morphing into F-150 FX4

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News coming out of Comic Con last week revealed that KITT would be able to transform into a pickup in the new Knight Rider series set to debut this fall on NBC. We thought perhaps the show and Ford, its biggest sponsor, would take the high road and have KITT's Shelby GT500 KR just grow a bed behind the B-pillar. Of course, we were wrong and this video proves that KITT will indeed transform into a full-size Ford F-150 FX-4. Never mind the fact that a Mustang just doesn't contain enough raw material to make up an F-150 truck, what really turns us off is Ford using a TV show that's already pimping one of its vehicles to push another one with sales falling faster than Goliath over a cliff. By this logic we expect that KITT will eventually encounter a resurrected KARR that's been stuffed into a Mercury Grand Marquis and the Knight Industries tractor trailer will be replaced by a fleet of Ford Transit Connects. Don't forget to watch the video for yourself after the jump.

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