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Gordon Murray T43 sports car to use 215-hp three-cylinder Ford engine

That's 18 more horses than the Fiesta ST in a car 900 pounds lighter

That's 18 more horses than the Fiesta ST in a car 900 pounds lighter.

Gordon Murray's IGM is his next driver-focused sportscar

Here's what we can tell from looking at it.

Details are scarce, but it looks like it'll be quite fast. It'll use Murray's iStream production process, too.

TVR shows off its new carbon fiber chassis

It's got the Gordon Murray touch.

The once-dead manufacturer kept its new car covered at the London Motor Show, but here's an image of car, chassis and engine.

TVR one step closer to sports car production

Blackpool company will announce new factory imminently.

TVR will likely build the factory for its upcoming sports car in Wales, and production will begin in early 2017.

TVR's launch model will offer carbon-fiber chassis

The first of four new models that TVR will launch over the course of the next decade will offer a carbon-fiber structure made using Gordon Murray's iStream process.

Gordon Murray's MOTIV.e City Car still in the running

Car designer Gordon Murray, known largely for his work in Formula 1 and with McLaren, says progress is going well for the development of the John Beltz Snyder

Gordon Murray Design, Acal Energy developing low-cost fuel cell vehicle

ACAL Energy has partnered with Gordon Murray Design in a 12-month-long project to design a low-cost, lightweight fuel cell vehicle. Putting those three pieces together in one vehicle may seem nigh impossible, but you never know for sure unless you try, right?

Design and engineering complete on Gordon Murray's T25 city car

According to a report on Autocar, Gordon Murray has received interest from over a dozen international companies that are interested in setting up franchises to sell the innovative T25 city car. Interestingly, very few of the interested parties are actual established automakers. That's a good thing according to Murray, who says, "Our theories and processes are ideal for investors with a clean slate who are gett

Gordon Murray trademarks names iStream, iFrame and iCentre

Thanks to some digging through the UK Intellectual Property Office, GreenMotor has uncovered what may be the name for Gordon Murray's upcoming city car. Up until now, we've known the city car as Type 25 or T.25, which was so named because it is Murray's 25th design, but it now seems possible that it will be known as the iStream when it actually goes on sale in a few years. The o

Will Gordon Murray's microcar be named iStream?

Gordon Murray, the man primarily known for bringing us the McLaren F1 is current working on his 25th clean-sheet design, internally dubbed the T.25. While that's a perfectly acceptable codename for a project, it lacks the kind of catchy cache necessary when the city car hits dealers. So, it's with interest that we read about Murray's trademark requests for the names iStream, iFrame and iCentre in the automotive sector. It's purely speculation, but there's a good chance these monikers may be used