Gordon Murray, the man primarily known for bringing us the McLaren F1 is current working on his 25th clean-sheet design, internally dubbed the T.25. While that's a perfectly acceptable codename for a project, it lacks the kind of catchy cache necessary when the city car hits dealers. So, it's with interest that we read about Murray's trademark requests for the names iStream, iFrame and iCentre in the automotive sector. It's purely speculation, but there's a good chance these monikers may be used on Murray's new microcar. GreenMotor thinks that the car will be called the iStream and that service centers could be iCentres. Sounds plausible enough to us, and we wonder if the innovative flat-packable chassis itself could be the iFrame. Regardless, we're a bit weary of all the iNamed products already on the market -- and Apple's proclivity towards trademark lawsuits -- but we'll happily overlook that fact if the machine turns out to be as innovative as it sounds.
[Source: GreenMotor]

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