Gordon Murray is most famous for his role in creating the McLaren F1 during his stint at McLaren cars, but recently he's been shopping around a production process called iStream. iStream, Murray claims, is a relatively inexpensive way to mass produce a modular, lightweight platform. It combines a lightweight spaceframe with stressed panels to form the chassis. The new IGM car will leverage a new version of this chassis-process, called iStream Superlight, which incorporates weight-saving aluminum instead of steel in the spaceframe. Murray announced the new car with this teaser image, which we've processed slightly to bring out some additional detail.

It's clearly a mid-engined vehicle with a large dorsal air intake, a nod to the F1's roof intake. Murray claims it'll be driver-oriented, and feature advanced aerodynamics. Other than that, it's not clear how ambitious this IGM car will be — is the target the McLaren 570S, or the Lamborghini Aventador? Judging by the profile, it may be smaller than the McLaren Sport Series cars, but that's not necessarily indicative of its performance envelope.

What's IGM? Well, that was how Murray branded his very first car, the IGM-Ford, a rather rough-hewn Lotus 7 clone that Murray raced in South Africa in the late 1960s. To American ears, it sounds more like the name of a grocery store chain, but perhaps it'll resonate with buyers.

There's no word on when to expect the car, so don't hold your breath. But hopefully it proves clever enough to attract attention in a supercar-saturated market.

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