Gordon Murray Design, Acal Energy developing low-cost fuel cell vehicle

ACAL Energy has partnered with Gordon Murray Design in a 12-month-long project to design a low-cost, lightweight fuel cell vehicle. Putting those three pieces together in one vehicle may seem nigh impossible, but you never know for sure unless you try, right?
The project, funded by the UK's Technology Strategy Board under its Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme, will combine ACAL Energy's Flowcath technology – which supposedly reduces costs associated with manufacturing fuel cells – with Gordon Murray Design's trademarked iStream concept – which allows for the low-cost production of lightweight vehicles. ACAL Energy say that, when combined, these innovations could lead to affordable fuel cell vehicles for buyers in both developed and emerging markets.

Furthermore, Dr. Cha, chief executive officer at ACAL Energy, claims that, "combining a low-cost fuel-cell engine with a lightweight auto platform and a low-cost production process" will prove that fuel cell vehicles are a viable alternative to gasoline-powered autos. Guess we'll find how true that claim is in twelve month's time. Hat tip to Roy!

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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