Thanks to some digging through the UK Intellectual Property Office, GreenMotor has uncovered what may be the name for Gordon Murray's upcoming city car. Up until now, we've known the city car as Type 25 or T.25, which was so named because it is Murray's 25th design, but it now seems possible that it will be known as the iStream when it actually goes on sale in a few years. The other two names trademarked by Murray are iFrame and iCentre, and we're not exactly sure how they relate to the T.25, or if they do at all. There is some speculation that iCentre could refer to specific service stations for the car. We also wonder if iFrame could possibly be the name for the microcar's innovative flat-packable architecture. On a final note, are you as ready for the iTrend and eTrend naming schemes to end as we are?
[Source: GreenMotor]

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