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On the mysterious draw of garbage trucks

Why do they fascinate children? The Atlantic tackles the question

Mack's new electric truck hauls trash

Trashiest EV ever

Trashiest EV ever.

Watch garbage truck absolutely trash a Brooklyn block

Dude really did a number on that street

Dude really did a number on that street.

Volvo introduces its first all-electric truck

The FL Electric is meant for urban areas

Volvo has introduced its first all-electric commercial truck. The FL Electric is a 16-ton delivery truck, meant to handle urban distribution and waste management jobs silently and without belching exhaust fumes. As cities limit diesel vehicle usage, electric trucks will continue to have access everywhere they need to go.

Miami garbage truck plunges off highway into city park

A City of Miami employee is lucky to be alive today after a crash sent him and his vehicle plummeting off an I-95 exit.

Tesla Motors co-founder wants to electrify commercial trucks

Ian Wright And Wrightspeed Have Their Sights Set On Trash

Ian Wright left Tesla before it was a well-known electric automaker. Now he wants to turn your garbage truck into an EV.

Natural gas garbage truck explodes in Indianapolis [w/video]

A garbage truck fueled by carbon fiber tanks full of compressed natural gas exploded in Indianapolis, IN, after a fire started in the back of the vehicle. The cylinders were reportedly thrown up to a quarter-mile away, damaging five nearby businesses. One firefighter suffered minor injuries.

Watch these workers ghost-ride the garbage truck with purpose

There's an old phrase that suggests we "work smarter, not harder." This garbage truck driver must have read that as "work like a monumental idiot, not harder." The sanitation worker in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico basically ghost-rides his garbage truck while running to grab bags that have been left on the curb.

Waste Management wheels out 1,000th natural gas garbage truck

With the addition of its 1,000th clean-burning garbage truck, Waste Management can now officially claim that it operates the largest natural gas fleet in all of North America.

Why yes, a garbage truck can drive on two wheels

Here in the U.S., garbage trucks are mainly for picking up, crushing and dumping trash. The same garbage trucks roles no doubt apply in Saudi Arabia, except when the trash hauler doubles as a crowd-pleasing stunt car.

Dow Kokam, PVI partner on electric refuse truck for Parisian suburb

Dow Kokam and PVI have teamed up to develop a small fleet of battery-powered garbage trucks. The electric truck and its interchangeable battery system, which will be produced and assembled in France, were unveiled last week at Pollutec 2010.

Taking out the trash, i-MiEV style

Here's an odd little story from Japan today: the battery system that is used in Mitsubishi's i-MiEV electric car is going to get a workout as the driving force for the trash compactor in the Kyokuto Kaihatsu Kogyo Company's electric garbage collection truck. Running the compactor off of batteries instead of the truck's engine allows for cleaner, quieter garbage collection,

City services hit hard by gas prices

Police vehicles, city buses, garbage trucks and the like all use fuel at an alarming rate. When gas prices are as high as they are they begin to put a serious damper on city budgets. In fact, out of 132 mayors surveyed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, ninety percent of them indicate that their city budgets have been significantly impacted by fuel prices. Mayor Douglas Palmer of Trenton, New Jersey says that tough choices are necessary, "Everything is on the table except for a reduction in publi