Volvo introduces its first all-electric truck

The FL Electric is meant for urban areas

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Volvo has introduced its first all-electric commercial truck. The FL Electric is a 16-ton delivery truck, meant to handle urban distribution and waste management jobs silently and without belching exhaust fumes. As cities limit diesel vehicle usage, electric trucks will continue to have access everywhere they need to go.

The FL's electric motor can provide 248 peak horsepower or 175 continuous horsepower, while maximum torque is rated at 313 pound-feet of torque. The transmission is a two-speed affair, and there are different battery pack options available depending of the truck's planned usage. The FL can accommodate between two and six lithium-ion batteries with 100-300 kWh, providing up to 186 miles of range with six batteries. The truck's charging time is said to be 1-2 hours with fast DC charging, or up to ten hours on AC with the 300-kWh battery capacity.

Volvo's experience with electric technology comes from its bus division, as it's sold over 4,000 electrified buses since 2010.

So, no more idling garbage trucks under your window, if you ask Volvo. If only the garbage bins were handled silently, too. Related Video:

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