Natural gas garbage truck explodes in Indianapolis [w/video]

A garbage truck in Indianapolis, IN, running on natural gas exploded on Tuesday when a fire caused the carbon fiber tanks holding the fuel to burst. The cylinders reportedly shot up to a quarter-mile and damaged five businesses.

After picking up trash from a hardware store, the driver noticed a fire in the back of his vehicle and called the fire department. Nearby power lines kept him from emptying the back of the truck, and that allowed the blaze to spread, according to WTHR Channel 13 News.

Sometime after the fire department arrived, the CNG cylinders began to rupture, and it reportedly took an hour to quell the blaze. One firefighter was hit in the head by debris but suffered only minor injuries. The video below shows a local news report from WRTV 6 illustrating some of the damage to the garbage truck and to nearby buildings.

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