Watch garbage truck absolutely trash a Brooklyn block

Dude really did a number on that street

Over the weekend, a block in Brooklyn got a rude awakening when an out-of-control garbage truck plowed down the street destroying at least nine cars, three trees and a porch, according to a CBS report. It happened at about 5:30 Saturday morning.

After coming to a stop on 60th Street between 18th and 19th Avenue, the apparent driver, Anthony Castaldo, exited the Viking Sanitation truck (we don't know whether he screamed "Valhalla!" as he did so), and took off on foot with police chasing him. The cops subdued the driver with a taser and arrested him. He faces multiple charges including driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

Amazingly, nobody was hurt, so feel free to gawk at the aftermath in awe and wonder. We gotta say, though, we feel pretty horrible for the people on that block who had their cars and other property obliterated and day completely ruined. "I was shocked," said witness Shane Durado. "It's the least thing you expect on a Saturday morning when you're looking forward to going somewhere with your fiancée and then you've gotta deal with this."

At least now we know who would win in a fight between a garbage truck and a tree.

In a statement to CBS, Viking Sanitation said, "It appears that this driver failed to adhere to our standards, and he was immediately suspended as part of the ongoing investigation of this serious incident." We don't know whether Castaldo was on the clock at the time of the rampage.

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