Allied Waste may pick up your trash with trucks running biodiesel

There are all sorts of environmental problems when it comes to trash. How do we deal with all of the garbage that is thrown out? A great deal of it ends up piled up in landfills while a small portion ends up being recycled. Consider, too, the ramifications of needing to pick all that trash up. The trucks hauling all that garbage usually run on diesel fuel, which opens up the possibility of using biofuels. Allied Waste has decided to do just that by using a 20 percent biodiesel blend in their fleet of trucks. Allied Waste in San Mateo, California will use locally-sourced biodiesel for the blend which will be used in 225 trucks. This will reduce their local carbon footprint by at least 3.3 million pounds each year. I wonder if Allied Waste could get a contract to rid restaurants of their used oil? That could certainly make a dent in their biofuel purchasing requirements!

[Source: Idaho Statesman]

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