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It'll have a lithium-powered hybrid system, other upgrades

It'll have a lithium-powered hybrid system and other upgrades.


It joins crowded field but is already certified for flight

Personal aerial vehicle joins a crowded field, but it's approved for flight already.


Your UberAIR taxi ride of the future needs a place to land

Uber's flying taxi service – that glorious sci-fi dream – still plans to launch its first takeoffs by 2023. One major caveat, however, is that unlike regular taxis which can freely zip about the streets, UberAIR taxis need access to the sky and a place to land. That's where "Skyports" come in: special areas localized specifically for launching, landing, and customer pickup, and they're looking appropriately futuristic.


Reveals aircraft designs and passenger cost

Uber Technologies said on Tuesday it would work with the U.S. Army to advance research on a novel, quiet aircraft rotor technology that could be used in future flying cars, or military aircraft. Uber also revealed passenger costs for its air taxi service.


But because it's a Porsche, it'll be a 'flying sports car'

Porsche global sales chief Detlev von Platen reveals the Stuttgart carmaker is working on a "flying sports car."

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PAL-V says its Liberty is the world's first production flying car

The company claims the PAL-V Liberty is the world's first production flying car. Starting at around $399,000. The PAL-V Liberty will make its first appearance at the Geneva motor show.


Self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun's Udacity offers 'nanodegree' in flying machines

"There is a huge shortage of engineers. There are plenty of smart people — the missing link is education."


They'll test air-traffic control systems in 2020, with the 2028 Olympics in mind.

Uber has signed a deal with NASA to develop air-traffic control systems for the low-flying, unmanned vehicles.


Besides the W-15 electric pickup, Workhorse is developing delivery drones, a personal flying machine, and what could be the next USPS mail truck.

Reinventing how we move people and products around is a big job.


The Bratislava-based company plans a run of 500 units at over a million dollars each.

Take a closer look at the details behind the AeroMobil flying car. The company plans for production of 500 units in 2020.


It works like a V-22 Osprey and has backing from the European Space Agency

Today's installment in the "flying car" saga is an electric jet that works like a V-22 Osprey.

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The skies are getting crowded with flying-car hopefuls.


Airbus is among the potential competitors in the flying-taxi game.


Please don't try to fly it, though.

Own a questionable piece of VTOL history.

Like an animal in nature, transitioning between walking and flying.


It's like a drone for people.

The arms fold, meaning you can store it inside a garage.


'I will throw down the gauntlet and challenge him any day.'

Uber's VTOL chief responds to Musk's opinions about flying taxis.

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