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2022 Chevy Bolt EV Road Test | Time to play EV, gas or airplane?

Testing the waters of Electrify America's charging network on the I-5 corridor

EV charging guide | What to know when buying an electric car

There are lots of new terms and specs to know. Here's what it all means

Nissan offers Leaf buyers $250 EVgo charging credit

'Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo' replaces 'No Charge to Charge'

Zellmer: Porsche building 500 fast-chargers in U.S.

They'll facilitate long-distance travel for Mission E

When we talked with folks at Porsche about introducing the Mission E here in the U.S., they acknowledged that charging infrastructure was a challenge the company must face head-on. "We have to work on our charging infrastructure [across] the nation, so that range anxiety — despite the fact that we have a bigger range than 300 mil

StoreDot demos EV battery that reaches a full charge in 5 minutes

When fully charged, it can apparently keep the car running for 300 miles.

The Israeli startup says it is working to achieve mass production as soon as possible.

New European charging network will offer speeds up to 350 kW

New network is the work of automaker collaboration.

You won't have that much time for your coffee break with these high-speed chargers.

EVgo strings fast-charging stations across Colorado

New Colorado Springs-area fast-chargers complete Rocky Mountain chain.

Colorado-based Vision Ridge Partners acquired EVgo from NRG earlier this year.

Volkswagen, BMW, and ChargePoint expand fast-charging network

Tesla's Supercharger network looks to have some competition.

Travel electrically from Boston to DC or Portland to San Diego.

Proterra releases fast-charging EV patents to the wild

CEO says openess helps the entire electric vehicle industry, especially buses.

Electric bus maker Proterra is opening up three of its bast-charging technology patents so that anyone making heavy-duty EVs can add overhead chargers.

CHAdeMO, SAE Combo chargers acting all friendly like in Europe

CHAdeMO Association Europe installing 500+ multi-standard DC chargers in 2016

Five projects will add more than 500 new CHAdeMO/CCS Combo fast chargers, making transcontinental EV travel easier.

Invest in Fastned, charge your EV free forever

About $27,000 Buys Eternal Fast-Charging Rights In Europe

Amsterdam-based Fastned offers lifetime free fast-charging rights to big shareholders.

Toyota throwing water on fast-charging EVs

The chief engineer of the Toyota Mirai doesn't think that there's a future in fast-charging EVs because they put too much strain on the electrical grid and have a short range. Unsurprisingly, he thinks the future is in hydrogen.

Chicago's fast-charging network up and running under NRG eVgo

Chicago's long-delayed fast-charging network for plug-in vehicles is up and running after being taken over by the NRG Evgo program that's underway in Texas as well as the Pacific Northwest, Phoenix, Nashville and Washington, DC.

Fast charging your EV might not be as bad as predicted

Stanford, MIT, Sandia Show Rapid Charge, Discharge Cycle Likely Balanced In Pack

Tesla Model S owners rejoice, for any reports of a lithium-ion battery's rapid demise from fast-charging might be highly exaggerated. A study put together by researchers from Stanford, Sandia National Laboratories and MIT and published in Nature Materials refutes previous reports that indicate that rapid charging and intense use of electric-vehicle batt

Plug In 2014: BMW i DC Fast Charger is poised to change the EV game

Interoperability, Ease-Of-Use Are Key Factors For Plug-In Vehicle Adoption

It looks like it's just a blue box on a pole, but BMW's new i DC Fast Charger represents a much bigger deal than just the lowest-cost SAE Combo Charger on the market. BMW sees it as the key to getting more drivers into electric vehicles. As Robert Healey, the EV infrastructure manager f

Nissan quietly, quickly installing more CHAdeMO stations

Nissan Leaf electric-vehicle sales continue to grow. And the number of US fast-charging stations that the Leaf can use are growing, well, faster. As it should be.

Two wildly different views of EV charging at condos, apartment buildings

Whether it's an apartment building in California or a condo complex in Florida, there's no such thing as truly free electricity. This rule applies especially to recharging plug-in vehicles, and it will become more and more of an issue as an increasing number of city-dwellers purchase plug-ins.

Nissan tries something new with Leaf EV shoppers in UK

Nissan has had an easier time this year than ever before moving its all-electric Leaf EV in the US. Across the Pond, it's a different story, and the Japanese automaker wants to goose sales with a bit of hand-holding for those new to the concept of plug-in vehicles.

Tesla Model S EVs have driven 3.2M miles on Supercharger power

How much do Tesla Model S owners like driving for free? A lot, apparently. Since unveiling the Tesla-only fast charging system almost exactly a year ago, over three million miles have been put on Tesla EVs thanks to Supercharging. Tesla announced today that, "More than 3.2 million miles have been charged at Tesla Superchargers, offsetting about 130,500 gallons of gas." At Sebastian Blanco

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