Nissan has had an easier time this year than ever before moving its all-electric Leaf EV in the US. Across the Pond, it's a different story, and the Japanese automaker wants to goose sales with a bit of hand-holding for those new to the concept of plug-in vehicles.

For starters, anyone interested in the car can borrow a Leaf for 24 hours as a test run of sorts. And Leaf owners can now get free quick charging at a number of Nissan dealerships in the UK. Additionally, Leaf owners can borrow a gas- or diesel-powered Nissan for free for as long as two weeks a year during the first three years of Leaf ownership. Run out of juice on the road? Nissan will provide free towing. And the company is also offering battery replacements (up to five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first) when the battery capacity drops below nine bars (our of the 12 total).

Earlier this year, Nissan tried to spur sales the old-fashioned way, by cutting the price. Nissan dropped the Leaf's price by 2,500 British pounds, or about $4,000 USA, to put the car in the $37,000 range. Check out Nissan UK's most recent batch of offers here.

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