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Nissan offers Leaf buyers $250 EVgo charging credit

'Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo' replaces 'No Charge to Charge'

In the past, EVgo offered two years of free charging to Nissan Leaf electric hatchback buyers in certain markets, but that deal expired on July 7, 2019. This week, Nissan announced the replacement incentive, "Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo." Starting November 1, 2019, Leaf buyers and lessees are given a $250 credit to use at EVgo's chargers.

Thanks to a new partnerships with Chargepoint and Electrify America, EVgo's charging network is about 30,000 chargers strong. About 750 EVgo stations account for 1,200 fast chargers. The announcement comes only a few months after Nissan and EVgo committed to building 200 new 100-kW DC fast charging stations around the U.S.

EVgo has numerous ways to pay for charging. For those who are not members, DC fast charging is between $0.27-0.35, depending on the region. An $8 monthly membership reduces DC fast charging prices a few cents and includes some perks such as longer charging sessions. Level 2 charging costs $1.50 per hour for everybody. By EVgo's estimations, that means the $250 credit is worth about 30 fast charging sessions, if you factor an average fast charging session length of 30 minutes. 

The deal is available on Nissans Leaf and Leaf Plus models now. We reached out to Nissan to see if this would be offered across to all Leaf customers. A Nissan spokesperson told Autoblog  that the $250 credit "is depending on participating markets, however there are over 60 participating markets which cover the large majority of Leaf markets."

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