EVgo strings fast-charging stations across Colorado

New Colorado Springs-area fast-chargers complete Rocky Mountain chain.

What's the point in ponying up for an electric-vehicle fast-charging network if you can't use it? That may have been what Boulder, Colorado-based Vision Ridge Partners was thinking when it acquired the EVgo charging network earlier this year. And hey look, there's now a string of fast chargers across much of the Rocky Mountain State.

The Colorado network of 18 EVgo stations runs along Interstate 25, starting in Fort Collins in the north, running through Denver, and ending in Fountain to the south. EVgo completed the string by adding five stations in the Colorado Springs area. Colorado is among the more generous US states when it comes to EV purchases, providing $5,000 in perks in addition to the $7,500 provided by the US federal government.

In all, EVgo has more than 750 chargers in 55 US metro areas. The company's 50-kilowatt fast-charging stations can fully recharge most EVs in about a half hour. EVgo says it charged enough vehicles to cut fuel usage by almost 900,000 gallons last year alone.

Vision Ridge Partners acquired EVgo from utility company NRG earlier this year. EVgo was created by NRG after that company's predecessor was sued by the state of California over the utility company's role in the state's 2001 power crisis. As part of the settlement, the utility company had to allocate $100 million towards setting up a charging network that would become NRG.

Last year, EVgo said it would work with BMW on adding charging stations in two-dozen cities over a two-year period. The charging-network has also worked with Nissan on that automaker's " No Charge to Charge" program that provides free fast-charging to buyers and leaseholders of the Nissan Leaf EV.

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