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Tragedy narrowly avoided in run up to the bar.

Bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

"The back of the lorry passed right by her head."

A driver in New York barely avoided being flattened on a bridge last week when a semi lost its load and flopped over in front of him.

Reverend Catherine Brown is suing the Chicago Police Department over a 2013 traffic stop where she says she was the victim of excessive force.

A dashboard camera caught this frightening moment when an unsecured toddler fell out of the back of a moving minivan onto a busy street in China.

Dashboard camera caught a suspected meteor as it fell to earth and lit up the landscape in northeast Scotland Monday night.

A man in England stopped a hit-and-run driver from completing the 'running' part of her crime.

A federal jury ruled this week that an Oregon State Policeman violated a Eugene man's civil rights by using excessive force during a traffic stop in 2012.

This terrifying dashcam footage comes to us from San Diego, CA, where the state's short-term water woes have been solved this week with intense rain storms.

A woman pumping gas in Russia accidentally lit her car on fire while holding a lighter to her fuel tank.

A woman in San Diego learned the value of recording everything that happens on the road this weekend when a man tried to scam her while in traffic.

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