A dog walker in Shenstone, England is lucky to be alive after she ducked out of the way of a truck in just the nick of time over the weekend. A nearby business caught the nearly tragic scene on a camera that happened to be pointing outside their building. In the footage, a truck made a wide right turn, sending its back end over the sidewalk where a dog walker was passing in the same direction. She quickly ducked her head as the truck passed by, narrowly avoid a very grisly fate. Anthony Hamilton-Clarke owns Auto Elite, a can accessories shop in Shenstone. Hamilton-Clarke told the Birmingham Mail that the scene was horrific.

"It was so dangerous – you shouldn't be able to do that. The back of the lorry passed right by her head," Hamilton-Clarke told the Mail. So far, the video has been viewed over 30,000 times and shared over 800 times.

It's more dangerous than ever to be a pedestrian. In fact, a report that came out earlier this year revealed that pedestrian deaths jumped 8.1 percent last year in the US. At that rate, deaths are increasing at the fastest rate recorded since record keeping began more than four decades ago. The jump in deaths comes when most cities and states are making pedestrian safety a priority. Low gas prices leading to more miles driven, combined with a sharp increase in distracted driving, has been blamed for the deaths.

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