Dashcam catches meteor over Scotland lighting up the night sky

Many cameras caught footage of a fireball lighting up the landscape in northeast Scotland Monday night, but only one recorded the strange object as it fell to earth. Bill Addison was driving home in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, with his dashboard camera running when he saw a ball of light that turned the cloudy night sky blue and green. The BBC reported the light show was probably a result of a meteor falling to earth. While there is plenty of footage of the effect, it was Addison's dashcam that captured the cause. The unsuspected meteor lit up the sky so intensely the landscape was illuminated as if it were day. The fireball was followed by a large boom.

Meteors fall to earth all the time, but actually seeing a meteor strike is exceedingly rare. Dashcams have long been used in Russia, where insurance fraud and corruption are rife and courts favor visual evidence over all testimony. While footage from dashcams has been entertaining YouTube users for years, the little car cams became more widely popular in 2014, when a Russian driving near the Arctic Circle caught a magnificent meteor tearing across the sky.

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