This incredible dashcam footage of a baby falling from a moving car in Russia is a great example of why properly securing your child while in a car is so important, not to mention why you should always avoid tailgating.

Thankfully the car was moving very slowly when the back passenger door opened and deposited the child onto the pavement. The kid even seems to have landed right side up, and seems more confused than upset. The driver behind the woman thankfully stops in time, and the woman driving the car quickly realizes what has happened and retrieves the baby from the street. This isn't the first time something cute and precious was dropped on the road only to be scooped up. In October a motorcyclists managed to rescue a kitten that dropped from a car in the middle of a busy intersection.

Russia is one of our favorite country for quality dashcam craziness. The footage has been enjoyed by YouTube aficionados for a few years now. Dashboard camera footage of a meteor streaking across the Arctic sky brought the footage to the American public's attention. Since then there has been a steady stream of crazy accidents, unusual roads and insurance scammers captured on the cameras.

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